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A multi-faceted approach to long-term customer and product value

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Your data may be showing you that your customers are not all the same, but the key to realising value – for individuals and your business – lies in knowing how to harness that data effectively.

Some customers are brand loyal, others not. Some respond to discounts or cross-product advertisements, while others don’t.

On top of this, the cost of delivering a product to your customers can change from one to the next. This may be influenced by:

  • How they use your products and services
  • If they purchase add-ons or ancillary products
  • How long they stay with you.

Understanding why a person will stand by you for longer informs your product, pricing and marketing direction. With this clarity, you can appeal to customers at a more personal level, improve their experience and add more value to your bottom line over the long term.

Building product, pricing and marketing strategies that account for long-term customer value and the individuality of customers is supported by financial modelling of key profit and cost drivers, a nuanced view of customer lifetime value and pricing that’s responsive to individual customer dynamics.

How we help our clients succeed

Making decisions at an individual customer level requires deep understanding across financial modelling and machine learning. Working alongside our experienced team, you’ll know how to make the most of your portfolio of customers and products.

What can optimising pricing and profitability do for you?

Achieve better value for you and your clients

With access to the latest machine learning techniques and algorithms, you’ll deliver more effective pricing, offers and other actions at a personalised individual customer level.

Create a long-term view of value

Make decisions today that maximise long-term profitability. Engage and keep your valued customers.

Maximise profitability

Form a data-driven picture about demand and supply to make better pricing decisions and offers that will boost your financial health.

Identify the drivers of demand

With purpose-built machine learning, you can understand which customers are attracted to your product or service and who is likely to cut ties.

Let us assist you with …

Financial modelling

Build an understanding of your business and products:

  • At individual customer and product level
  • Projecting expense, cost, revenue and ultimately profitability
  • Combining advanced analytics, such as machine learning techniques in the modelling toolkit.

Customer lifetime value (CLV)

Form an understanding and strategy of customer value across a longer time frame by:

  • Developing the right data assets for building CLV models and extracting insights to drive better business decisions
  • Building the right algorithms to measure CLV and automate customer engagement.

Personalised pricing

  • Develop pricing methodologies that are holistic, covering expenses, cost and revenue
  • Experiment and collect data to model customer behaviour, including elasticity to price
  • Implement automated pricing frameworks that maximise profitability and CLV.

Our leaders in
Optimisation, Pricing and Profitability

Our leaders in Optimisation, Pricing and Profitability

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Optimisation, Pricing and Profitability

Latest on Optimisation, Pricing and Profitability

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