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Dan has more than 20 years’ actuarial experience in the government social sector, banking risk management and superannuation. He helps clients connect the insights from their data to practical operational improvements and policy decision-making.

Having worked within government, including frontline social services experience, Dan’s advice is grounded in first-hand knowledge. This means the analytical and modelling projects he works on are shaped by his deep understanding of what matters to the people accessing and delivering social services. Dan says:

“Data doesn’t work alone – it must have context. So whether you’re a government department delivering social services or a corporate selling products, your customers’ needs are core to the design of your analytical and modelling projects.”

Dan has a keen interest in the developing use of artificial intelligence and is a proactive industry advocate for the safe and ethical use of algorithms. In this role, he provides advice to public and private organisations on how best to use algorithms to support effective and efficient decision-making.

Daniel’s Qualifications
  • Fellow of the New Zealand Society of Actuaries
  • Fellow of the Institute and Faculty of Actuaries (UK)
  • Bachelor of Science (Mathematics), Nottingham University

Daniel Stoner’s
Areas of Expertise

Daniel Stoner’s Areas of Expertise


Measure, model and identify opportunities for better policy and programs

Advanced Analytics

Own and master industry-leading analytics solutions through a creative partnership

Injury Schemes

Considered advice and analytics for sustainable schemes

Data Science and Machine Learning

You don’t need to be a trailblazing tech giant to realise the power of AI

Ethical AI and Governance

Build trust through fair, accountable and transparent systems

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Daniel Stoner

Articles by Daniel Stoner

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