Taylor Fry

With a background in economics and public policy in Australia and New Zealand, Sarah brings more than 12 years’ experience working with government and the private sector. As a result, her advice is informed by strong analytical, strategic and problem-solving skills.

At Taylor Fry, Sarah’s focus is on Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) risk, specialising in two of the most significant ESG risks for all organisations: climate and sustainability, and cyber risk.

Sarah works closely with our actuaries to undertake business-relevant modelling of key ESG risks to ensure results are meaningful. She says:

“The most complex problems facing society don’t get solved when people work in silos, or by experts with a narrow range of focus. Our clients benefit from a cross-disciplinary approach to understand and quantify some of their most important risks.”

Previously, Sarah worked in fiscal policy for the New Zealand Government, and as a client manager for a large multi-national law firm’s cyber incident response team. These roles have given her a deep appreciation for how organisations navigate complex policy and regulatory landscapes.

Sarah’s Qualifications
  • Global Association of Risk Professionals, Sustainability and Climate Risk Certificate
  • Bachelor of Arts (Economics and Geography)

Sarah Wood’s
Areas of Expertise

Sarah Wood’s Areas of Expertise

Climate and Sustainability

Identify, measure and manage climate risk, and capture opportunities arising from climate change

Articles by
Sarah Wood

Articles by Sarah Wood

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