Corporate Responsibility

A positive impact on the world
and communities around us
is at the heart of who we are

Being a conscious corporate citizen and partnering with clients on projects that have a positive impact on the world and communities around us is at the heart of who we are.

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is embedded in how we operate. We have a dedicated CSR committee who consider and implement new opportunities to further reduce our environmental impact and enhance our social impact.

We demonstrate our commitment to CSR through:

  • Social sustainability

  • Environmental sustainability

Social sustainability

We are a committed supporter of Indigenous Australians. Our Reflect Reconciliation Action Plan (RAP), the first official step in preparing for reconciliation initiatives, has been endorsed by Reconciliation Australia. The Reflect RAP is our promise to scope and develop relationships with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander stakeholders, deciding on our vision for reconciliation and exploring our sphere of influence

Environmental sustainability

We are committed to minimising the adverse impacts of our operations on the environment.

We achieve this is by implementing environmental sustainability initiatives to help us balance our carbon emissions and improve our performance. As a testament to our commitment, Taylor Fry has been proudly carbon neutral since January 2006.

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