Taylor Fry

An advanced analytics expert, Greg develops business solutions for a range of sectors, from insurance and banking to telecommunications and retail. He helps clients improve their performance by driving analytics strategy in key areas, such as marketing, pricing, fraud, risk, operations, channels and products.

Greg’s innovative approaches are informed by experience across cultures and continents – in the United Kingdom and Europe, the Americas and Asia Pacific region. He has led numerous projects, including for ANZ and Telstra, bringing internal and external stakeholders together to confidently embed analytics.

Greg has worked alongside actuaries for more than a decade, and says:

“In addressing important organisational problems, cultivating exceptional analytics talent, then directing those talents is critical. I’ve found the deep quantitative modelling expertise of actuaries is directly applicable to a variety of contexts beyond insurance.”

Greg is an Associate of the Melbourne Business School and founding member of the Advisory Board of the Centre for Business Analytics. He contributes to the curriculum, teaching and mission to transform decision-making through analytics.

Greg’s Qualifications
  • PhD in Customer Analytics, University of Melbourne
  • Bachelor of Engineering Honours, University of Melbourne
  • Bachelor of Science, University of Melbourne

Gregory Hill’s
Areas of Expertise

Gregory Hill’s Areas of Expertise

Advanced Analytics

Own and master industry-leading analytics solutions through a creative partnership

Data Science and Machine Learning

You don’t need to be a trailblazing tech giant to realise the power of AI

Data and Analytics Strategy

How do you build a data-driven organisation?

Ethical AI and Governance

Build trust through fair, accountable and transparent systems

Optimisation, Pricing and Profitability

A multi-faceted approach to long-term customer and product value

Personalisation and Customer Experience

Get closer to the audience of one

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